What our audience thought

The website is new, but our audiences have been giving us some lovely feedback for many years. We have gathered some of their comments and share those with you now.

Tears & Laughter – November 2017

I have to say that out of all the performances I've seen, last night's was by far the best, I really enjoyed it. The cast were well rehearsed and the scripts were tight. A great professional production and a very good choice of scripts.
Very enjoyable from the start to the end.
John I
John I

Natural Causes – April 2017

We enjoyed this play very much and hope to join you again on your next production. Brenda S
Brenda S
It was a very good performance. Very funny, even funnier as there was some audience participation at one point! (They really got into the play)Caroline T
Caroline T
As I have coeliac disease (gluten intolerance) I asked about the contents of the snacks.  Everyone was so very helpful & gave me my own dish of GF peanuts, plus found me GF refreshments. So appreciated.Liz D
Liz D
Excellent, an enjoyable evening, looking forward to the next play.  Refreshments are good - thanks.Brain & Sue P
Brain & Sue P

Volunteers – October 2016

The performance did not appear to be amateur in any way. The set, acting etc was better than some professional performances l have seen. Prue was a hoot! We will definitely come again and bring others with us.Marilyn
Mum and I really enjoyed it.  She is in charity shops a lot and said it is like that sometimes!Lianne B
Lianne B
Sue B - Loved the performance. Congrats to all involved. Well done, Leighton, on your directing debut. Colin C - Great. Pat and I really enjoyed it. Very funny and believableSue B and Colin C
Sue B and Colin C
What a fantastic night out. Darland Theatre deserve an Oscar for their performance. If you haven’t seen it yet it’s your last chance tonight (Saturday). Our very own Carol Crump was every inch the believable charity shop manager and was superbly supported by everyone on stage. ‘Amateur’ theatre at its best. Well done.Sandra B
Sandra B

Dead Guilty – April 2016

The play was most enjoyable and such a lot of 'words' for the actors to remember. Brilliant!Martyn S
Martyn S
I enjoyed the evening (Sat:) and was well worth all your hard work. The two main female characters did well & scenery very good.   Look forward to the next one!!Doreen H
Doreen H
Please let me know when the next performance is - we loved it!Stuart T
Stuart T
Pam P - Really great performance - thank you. Anon - Excellent evening - well done on the hard work to cast and crew.Pam P + Anon
Pam P + Anon

Autumn Chills – October 2015

Don't trip. Had a brilliant night. Hooked.Halina B
Halina BFrom Facebook page
It was a great night...thoroughly enjoyed all 3 plays. Well done all xxCatherine C
Catherine CFrom Facebook page
Absolutely fabulous!!! I promise you...I will never eat muesli for breakfast in front of 'him' ever again! Well done sounds too trite..but WELL DONE!! Sandra B
Sandra B
Many congratulations to all!  It was a terrific evening and how you fitted in rehearsals and production on top of everything else is just amazing!
I did enjoy myself - please pass on my admiration to all cast members and producers.
 Jane H
Jane H

Let It Be Me – March 2015

You all did so well in presenting such a difficult and challenging play.Barrie M
Barrie M
Just a note to say once again what a fantastic performance, the subject was sensitively dealt with and what a performance, please forward our thanks to cast. Look forward to the next performance.Graham C
Graham C
We did so enjoy the play and thought the ability to remember all those lines remarkable. What a lovely group you all are, and so talented. We will certainly return to view future plays if you let us know when they are being performed.Martyn S
Martyn S
Once again, a triumph for Darland Community Theatre! We all enjoyed the play, and felt that it handled a difficult subject with sensitivity and compassion. All your hard work paid off. Thanks for an absorbing evening.Gail A
Gail A

Ladies Day – November 2014

Marjorie C - Congratulations to all of you on the great performance you gave on Friday night. The two new members were very good. Samantha B - I would just like to say what an enjoyable evening my friend and I had at the play last night and we look forward to the next one!Marjorie C + Samantha B
Marjorie C + Samantha B
A lovely evening as usual and congratulations for a lot of hard work by all.  It  went really well.
Look forward to the next one!
Margaret H
Margaret H
Just a quick bit of feedback, thoroughly enjoyed the play, we found it very funny and highly entertaining, big thanks to all the cast; brilliant.  Look forward to the next.Graham C
Graham C
Congratulations on another fantastic performance. We throughly enjoyed our evening - the seats were excellent, everyone in the play fantastic and also a big "thank you" to all the people back stage. Looking forward to your next play.Mary E
Mary E

Four Plays – March 2014

Really enjoyed the variety of the 4 one act plays on offer.  I thought Dogs Life was particularly touching and an unexpected twist at the end almost had me in tears.Sue Jones
Sue Jones

Pack of Lies  – March 2012

Tension throughout and the fact that it was based on real events made it extra exciting.  I'm going to have to look up the real facts when I get home!Dave Smith
Dave Smith

A Foot in the Door – March 2010

Darland School hall was packed full of Thursday evening theatre goers ready for the opening night of  A Foot in the Door. Both acts passed with many chuckles and applause from the audience. A brilliant night out with good friends and notable entertainment.Carol Hartnell
Carol HartnellEssentials magazine