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So what is Darland Community Theatre?

We are a group of keen, enthusiastic amateurs from all walks of life who get together to put on two productions a year over 3 nights each in Rossett, Wrexham LL12 0DL. We fit into the Darland School  calendar and aim to perform late March / early April and again in October / November.

We are no longer all from Rossett and have members from the outskirts of Chester in one direction and the far side of Wrexham in the other.

We are a really friendly bunch bringing our own skills to the group and learning new ones with each play we produce.  One of the great things about being in Darland Drama, is that it’s a chance to forget about work and do something with a completely different group of people. We all get on and although there are officials such as Chair, secretary and treasurer, there are no ‘divas’!

We all have an equal say in decisions and share the work of putting on our productions.  If you are acting, then you will also probably be involved in building the set, searching for props, preparing the refreshments etc.

Because many of us are working, we recognise that whatever we do in terms of meetings, rehearsals etc has to fit into our busy lives so we try to accommodate personal commitments when we plan.

Our ‘reason for being’ is to have fun and lots of laughs both in the run up to and presentation of plays, so that we can entertain our very loyal audience. If it stopped being fun, we’d pack it in!!

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