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What are we looking for in terms of new members?

Get involved in Darland Community Theatre

What are we looking for in terms of new members? First of all, no contribution too small – all help is vital and greatly appreciated especially on performance nights. If you want to just ‘dip your toe in the water’ then helping out like that is a great way to get to know us. We need people to man the door and bar, sell raffle tickets, as well as setting out the tables and chairs before each performance and clearing up afterwards.

If you don’t want to act, we’d still like to hear from you.

Being part of a drama group is not just about acting, although we would love to increase our acting pool to inject variety and give wider scope to our play selection.

There is set design, sound and lighting, costume, props, make-up – we ‘do it ourselves’ so any expertise there would be welcome. If you can wield a paintbrush, sew, trawl charity shops for props and set dressing, then we need you. We are building our expertise in the sound and lighting area and have invested in some new equipment. If this area is of interest then do get in touch.

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